5 Easy to apply tips to protect your skin from air pollution


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With all the talk of personality, being presentable and éclat apparels, trendy footwear the significance of the skin you are in cannot be obliterated. In fact, it is the very first aspect an individual witnesses in you. But, attribute it to the enhancing pollution and the lifestyle you are in, there are more men and women dealing with skin problems, than ever. Acne, blemishes, patches, dull and lifeless skin are the most common occurrence of the present. The depletion of the ozone layer as a result of enhanced pollution has ensured that your skin stays blotchy, wrinkled and clogged.

You can definitely not let this happen to you. There have to be some remedies, which will protect your skin from the ill effect of pollution. So, here are some simple yet effective tips, which will aid in a beautiful you.


Eat healthy

Beawel tips to protect your skin from Pollution

Whether you want to believe it or not, eating healthy is the ace remedial process for good skin. So, how do you pursue the same? It is really simple; you just need to add the requisite antioxidants to your daily diet. The antioxidant has the property to slow down the oxidative damage to the body. Hence, inculcate the antioxidant-rich foods like the tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, leafy greens, squash and enjoy the richness of your skin.


Plenty of water

Beawel tips to protect your skin from pollution

The doctors, the clinical even the elders of the family always recommend staying hydrated. It is advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. The acumen behind this is related to the property of water to flush toxins through your system and keep your skin healthy and glowing.


Skin care products

Beawel 5 tips to protect your skin from pollution

You must be utilizing many skin care products as of daily. It is really imperative that the skin care products you are donning your skin belongs to good brands. And yet again its constituents need to include protective ingredients such as Vitamins A, C, and E.



Beawel 5 tips to protect your skin from pollution

you must definitely be in the habit of cleaning your face in the morning. However, you fail to do so when you are back from a party, or a hectic day at the office or just a stroll under the starlit sky. The dirt, dust, and pollutants in the atmosphere ensure that the pores of your skin are clogged. Hence, when you go to sleep without cleaning your face, the result is a bad skin. So, make sure that you follow a night skin care routine for that sparkling skin.



5 tips to protect your skin from pollution

Most of the women and men, do not really like to use sunscreen. It is attributed to the depleting ozone layer that sunscreen is one mandatory skin product which you need to utilize daily. You have no idea what the UV exposure can do to your skin. Hence, make sure to protect your skin from the damaging effect of sun rays.

Inculcate the above tips in your day to day activity and have an enriching experience of beautiful skin and a glowing you!

Do tell us if you have any other tips we have missed.

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