Bronze Eye Makeup – Step by Step Guide


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Bronze Eye Makeup – Step by Step GuideLet’s face it: looking sunkissed requires more than just sunbathing. It is after all the one season when makeup can quite literally melt! Despite step-by-step guides on runway bronze eye makeup, most of us can’t flaunt them because they’re too over-the-top. We can’t very well show up at the office with neon blue eye liner  or a bright orange lipstick . Not only that, these summer’s eye makeup styles look fabulous only on certain skin tones.


 Summer Bronze Eye Makeup


So to make it super easy for you, we researched on various summer eye makeup fashion trends and found the style that works best for almost all skin tones and eye colour – the classic Bronze Eye Makeup!


Summer Eye make up


Time consuming eye-makeups are the worst. So we came up with a step-by-step guide so you can sport this gorgeous eye makeup in no less than 7 minutes!

Get your supplies together! What you’ll need:

  1. Eyeshadow primer
  2. Eyeshadow brush
  3. Bronze Eyeshadow colours

Summer Eye makeup



First off start with a clean face & no eye makeup.  


An Eyeshadow Primer helps prevent makeup creasing and highlight the eyeshadow’s shade. This also helps the eye make-up last much longer. Apply a couple dabs of the primer to your eyelids and smooth all over, and wait a couple seconds for the product to set.


Press a medium bronze shadow from lash line to crease and softly blend the edges. Apply that color underneath the lash line in a thick swipe.


Eyeshadows stay longer when applied with a damp brush. Dampen an eyeliner brush to apply a brown shadow liner. Blend it upwards. Then, use the same brown shadow underneath the lash line in a thin swipe.


Draw attention to your to your eyes. Darken the lash line more with a black shadow liner and blend upward using the same damp brush. Be sure to do the same on the underneath lash line.

Tip: You can create a cat-eye effect by take a lighter shade of brown and applying it on the outer corner of your eyes.


Brighten your eyes with a shimmery shadow. Repeat the previous step with the golden bronze color in the inner half of the lower lash line.


Use your liquid eyeliner to line as close to your lash line as possible. You can also draw beyond the eye with the eyeliner to create a small wing to elongate your eye.

Step 8:

Bask in the sun with this chic eye makeup!

So try out this look this summer and tell us your opinion about this uber-cool and summer savvy eye-makeup! This is the first of our #Sunkissed blogs. Subscribe to our blog to stay updated on all the ultimate step by step guides to fabulous looks for every season.



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