Makeup Essentials Every Woman Needs to Know


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All those Makeup tutorials of our favorite beauty bloggers doing it all so perfectly with so much ease, leave us wondering how these beauty goddesses get it so right. The perfect brow shaping, eye makeup, foundation highlighter, bronzer and lipstick game look so perfect that it makes us envious. We’re breaking to you the essentials that girls with perfect makeup swear by, so take note, you’re one step closer to that perfect look and an On-Point selfie!

1. Know Your Face

It’s very crucial that you know your face, your skin type, face shape and so on. But most importantly, you must be comfortable in your own skin, ladies. New trends keep popping up from time to time and are tempting to try and experiment with. However, don’t forget to tweak them a little here and there to best suit and enhance your face and features. Don’t hide behind them, accentuate, always!

2. Test Your Lighting

Before your step out for the occasion, move away from your vanity and consider taking a look in another setting or different lighting. You’re sure to find some lines that would require a little bit smudging or blending. It’s always worth the second look.

3. Always Use Primer

If you wish to make your makeup last longer and appear smoother, primer is your go-to product, it never fails to surprise! Make sure you makeup essentials include your face, lip and eye primers.

4. Use a Lip Liner

If there’s one thing that girls with perfect makeup swear by, it’s that indispensable lipstick. Well-defined lips can magically enhance your look, and topped with a good lip liner can make it last through the night.

5. Invest in Brushes

Good quality makeup brushes and the way you use them can take a makeup look from drab to stunning. It’s imperative to use appropriate brushes for applying foundation, contouring and eye shadow which makes a huge difference to your complete look. Remember, brushes are an investment.

6. Take Your Time

Don’t be in a rush to get done with your look. Blending makeup, particularly eye shadow and contouring takes time. Always remember, the looks that never fail to turn heads are the ones that take time and genuine effort.

7. Don’t Skip the Setting Spray

Want to know the secret to looking good all day and night? In addition to having the right makeup it’s important to do touch-ups here and there, as and when necessary, without skipping the setting spray.

8. Practice, Practice, Practice

No one is a born makeup and beauty expert. It takes hard work, patience and a hell lot of practice to get there. The more you practice the more you improvise. That is the only way to know what best works for you.

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