7 Most Common Causes of Body Odor


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Body Odor is way more than just poor hygiene, and it can originate from more places in the body than just the underarms. Lets find out the 7 most common causes of body odor and how to keep a check on it.

1. Eating Spicy Foods
Spicy foods, especially those containing curry or garlic, result in sulfur-containing gases when the body breaks them down. These odoriferous result in giving the body an unpleasant smell for a few hours. The only way to mask resulting bad breath is to chew gum, mints or mouthwash, but as far as odor goes, you’ll just have to wait for it to pass.

2. Not Eating Enough Greens
Foods higher in chlorophyll/more green can help ward off and counteract internal causes of odor. You can always pair a spicy meal with some spinach or kale on the side to counteract the odor released through the pores.

3. Not Getting Enough Magnesium
Not only is magnesium key to strong and healthy hair and nails but it is also helps combat internal body odor. Addition of dark chocolate or almonds to increase the magnesium in your diet can result to neutralizing of displeasing scents.

4. Drinking Alcohol
As alcohol is broken down by the system some of it comes out through the pores and results in body odor, so just enjoy in moderation to keep the smell down.

5. Ovulating
Ladies, When you’re ovulating your body temperature can rise by about half a degree, causing you to sweat more resulting in more odor.The only way to combat the effect is to stay well hydrated and use a strong antiperspirant deodorant.

6. Not Wearing Cotton
Materials such as spandex or any tight and heavy clothing results in sweating which in turn tends to stick to the body causing you to smell more. This is normally observed during workouts. Try wearing cotton and loose fitted clothes to stay fresh.

7. Wearing Closed Shoes
If you wear pumps on a daily basis, make sure you wash your feet after prolonged wear and also use some antiperspirant before slipping in your feet. For men, socks are a must since they absorb the sweat and help keep odor at bay.

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