Couples Spa: A Blissful Experience with your partner


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We often fall short of ideas on where to visit on our romantic date. Visiting restaurant and food joints is cliché. Why not make your romantic date more memorable by visiting to an exotic Couples spa in your vicinity. No doubt, the soothing and relaxing massage will take you to a different world altogether.

When you will book you romantic spa, it provides the perfect moment for both of you to enjoy the massage alongside spending quality time in the lap of each other. It’s obviously the most romantic day that you two will be getting to spend together. The serenity and melodious background music cheers up your mood and spirit as well.

These days, Couples spa are not just a place to rejuvenate yourself, but also offers enough space to married, live-in and unmarried couples to relish few peaceful and tranquil moments together. The ecstasy at Couples spa multiplies manifold when your partner is present with you in the same room.

For this very purpose a spectacular well decorated room for couples with candlelit facility is also available at these spas. After a relaxing and euphoric massage, a couple can bathe together in the calm and aromatic fresh water especially provided at these spas. After shower, a couple can groom themselves well and order a bottle of champagne while staring at each other’s eyes and enjoying those priceless moments together.

Spectacular Massage Options at Couples Spa:

  • Coffee Scrubber: If until now, you thought coffee as just a beverage only then hold on. Coffee has a lot of inherent good qualities which help to sooth and nourish your skin. Coffee scrub helps you get rid of deep rooted dirt which won’t go away with soap.
  • Chronologists Ritual: It is one of the most stunning features of a Couples spa. It basically refers to an ultra gorgeous cream bath that touches every part of your body making you feel much more relaxed and attractive. It also softens the skin by providing adequate moisture.
  • Magical Pedicure and Manicure: If you are wondering why the word magical is prefixed then let me tell you it’s not just a routine pedicure and manicure but something that makes you happy from the core of the heart. This is done with rose flavors and some essential oils to make the couple feel more romantic and beautiful than ever.
  • Foot Therapy: If there is one part of the body that we mostly overlook, it’s the foot. But for a married couples foot is the primary organ of the body that reignite the passion of love with a gentle touch. So, it’s important to have a beautiful, soft and sexy foot. Foot therapy at the spa follows complete foot massage with flower extracts and some other natural ingredients. It is done with astute precision to offer you a glowing and lustrous foot.

Undoubtedly, Couple spa gives us an ample opportunity to indulge in love and passion which otherwise we often ignore due to our hectic life-schedule and routine stuff. Book a couple spa and go for your best romantic date.

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