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If until now you thought chocolates are your favorite dessert and indulging in these delicious delicacy is your best pastime, then reading this article can open your mindset. Chocolate might be the most delicious sweet food or confectionary that we love to eat over and over again, but it has some inherent goodness too. This goodness has led beauty experts worldwide to use chocolates in refreshing massages at some of the world’s exotic spas.

Yes, you heard it absolutely right. Chocolate spas are trending these days. It’s truly awesome to relax at a massage bed while the masseur takes you through a beautiful journey of massage right from your head to toe.

Procedure of Chocolate Spa

The chocolate in its liquid form is put on, all over the body and face as a scrub. The aroma of fresh chocolates is refreshing in itself and acts as a stress buster. Chocolate helps us stay stress free, relaxed and rejuvenated. Chocolate massage is truly awesome considering our deep level of anxiety due to hectic lifestyle. Many say that chocolate massage is essential for pregnant mothers because it keeps them calm, composed and cheerful during those stressful days of pregnancy. Chocolate massage also keeps one in cheerful spirit.

The procedure of chocolate spa is simple. The beauty experts at the spa add some chocolate powder with some other massage ingredients and mix them thoroughly to change it in a liquid form. Then, they apply it thoroughly all over the body and massage for around an hour. Later, the client takes bath and feels it wonderful. Believe me, your skin will glow with luster and will be soft and smooth to touch at.

Here are the steps:

Step 1 The beauty experts at the spa add some chocolate powder with some other massage ingredients and mix them thoroughly to transform it into a liquid form.

Step 2 The chocolate in its liquid form is then put on, all over the body and face as a scrub.

Step 3 Then, the masseur will massage your entire body for around an hour with the fresh and yummy liquidated chocolate.

Step 4 Afterwards, masseur will ask you to take a bath with fresh lukewarm water. They may add few more ingredients in the water to completely wipe out the chocolate residue from your body.


Chocolate Spa

Benefits of Chocolate Spa

Chocolate is advantageous for your health, body and skin in many ways. You must know that most of the beauty products that we use these days such as body scrubs, moisture bars and body lotions do have the elements of chocolates and cocoa inside them in micro form.

Let us look at some of the core benefits of a chocolate spa:

  • The deep moisturizing feature of the chocolate allows you to get soft and moisturized skin, free from any acne or dark spots.
  • A regular visit to chocolate spas ensures that you get rid of unwanted wrinkles which start appearing on your skin as you grow old.
  • Massaging your body with chocolates also reduces skin inflammation and irritation while detoxifying your skin.
  • Chocolate massage is keeps our mind calm and composed in spite of deep level of anxiety due to hectic lifestyle. It keeps us rejuvenated and in cheerful spirit all the time.
  • Chocolate is highly advantageous to pregnant women. It reduces the level of stress and tension of those days and keeps them happy and fit.
  • Finally, most important of all, frequent massage with chocolates ensures a proper blood circulation in the body and prevents serious diseases or illness.

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