Night Skin Care Routine to Glow in Mornings


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The night care beauty routine is most of the times neglected by one and all. It’s really awful that people are ready to spend substantial money later in order to cure their skin problems, while these could have been easily avoided by following a simple night skin care routine. In order to look super gorgeous in the morning one has to put in some effort especially at night for nourishing one’s skin health.

It’s extremely essential that you adequately look after your face at the night time i.e. before going to bed. This ensures long lasting softness in your skin keeping you rejuvenated and healthy. Also a charming face is enough to defy age and win more hearts, something which women want to do all the time. Following a proper night care beauty routine can actually make you look more attractive and dazzling in the morning.

Five Things to do before you go to Sleep:

  • Removing Makeup:

    Removing Makeup

Every time you wear a makeup, you need to remove it too. At night, remove your makeup using an effective make-up remover. You can choose an alcohol free toner to completely remove any residue left on your face, be it oil or the dirt stuck to your skin.

  • Face Wash:

face wash

Before going to bed, a gentle face-wash alongside a little massage on your face is important. Wash your face and neck with a good quality face wash cream or cleanser in lukewarm water.

  • Effective Night Cream:

Night Cream

It is now universally accepted that a quality night cream is the best remedy to keep the lustre on your face stay-on in the morning. Apply a thin layer of a good night cream and slowly massage it all over your face before you sleep.

  • Eye and Lip Care:

Lip & Eye care

No doubt, eye is the most vital part in our body. While trying to keep your face look fabulous, do ensure that you apply an effective eye-cream around your eye to prevent dark circles. Having a good sleep is the best way to avoid these dark circles in the first place. Once you have washed your face, then apply a little lip balm to your lips to keep them moistened and healthy.

  • Moisturizer:

Face Moisturiser


This is the final step of your night skin care routine. Apply a few layers of heavy moisturizer on your face; spread it all over and then go to sleep. You can massage your face in a rotary motion if you want. It replenishes the dead skin and makes your skin glow hours after hours in the morning.

This night skin care routine is necessary for almost every one. Most people wish to retain their youthhood with themselves. But, to look young, you must take adequate care of your skin, and if you do so, there is no doubt that you will look far younger and gorgeous than others.

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